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Fixed amount jumbo taxi​​
It is a service that can be used with a fixed amount by advance reservation in the section
of Okayama / Takamatsu airport from a fixed place.

Because the fare does not become expensive due to traffic jam etc., you can use it with confidence.


As its name suggests, we are using a wagon that can ride less than 10 people,


so you can board up to 9 people at once.


Fixed amount Jumbo taxi is a fare for each car, so there is no change in price depending


on the number of people.

One way trip fee (one car)


Okayama Airport ... Kurashiki   12,000 yen


Okayama Airport ... Mizushima   17,000 yen


Takamatsu Airport · · · JR Kurashiki Station · Kurashiki 「Bikan」area 27,000yen


Seto Ohashi bridge including high-speed tolls


The pick up destination is one from each area.


Various points additions / discounts can not be used.


When the Seto Ohashi Bridge is closed due to weather conditions, it will be



Reservations are accepted from the telephone or mail form.

Please inform the staff of the following contents at the time of inquiry.

1. Date and time of use
2. Pickup location or destination
3. Name and phone number of representative
4. Number of passengers


        ※Please make reservation by Pm 5 o'clock of the previous day. .

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