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We will be a foot of local people by taxi, we will contribute to the development of regional tourism with support of prosperous living.


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We are aiming for a taxi to be loved by tourists and local people

Jumbo taxi airport arrival and departure flight service recommended!
There is also a small taxi with a fixed price.
This time, thank you for coming to the website of ””Kurashiki Taxi””
Because Kurashiki has a harmony of history and new industries, there are various sightseeing spots, and it will impress visitors.
● The town of merchants of the Edo period flourished, still the white-house residences still  "Kurashiki Beauty Area"
● "Kojima" known as the place of the birth of the Seto Ohashi bridge and domestic jeans
● "Kurashiki Science Center" with planetarium and "Mizushima" with Mizushima complex
 ●It is also a production area of ​​white peach, "Tamashima" with a retro atmosphere flourished from  Edo as a port town in the early Showa era
 ●Mabi, a literary town in which "Yokomizo Masashi" known for the detective "kindaichi-kousuke"       series was writing
Kurashiki Taxi offers a number of courses that efficiently explore tourist spots according to customer's preference . Please use by all means when coming to Kurashiki.

Run airport ⇔ Kurashiki at a fixed price​

Okayama airport arrival and departure via Kokubunji                                    one way   7,500 yen

Takamatsu airport arrival and departure Seto Ohashi bashi Yoshima via    one way 19,500 yen

Highway toll fee is not included.

Run Airport ⇔Kurashiki (small taxi fixed amount)​

Okayama Airport departing and arriving via Kokubunji     one way   6,000 yen​

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